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Dashboard builder: hyperlinks to pages in dashboard

I think it would be convenient to have the option to point a hyperlink in a Jet Mobile Dashboard to another page in that dashboard. Instead of only be able to point to a url, I mean. Like a hyperlink in Excel, pointing to a sheet with detailed info. Thus, you would be able to use this in the header of a chart, for example, to give the user an option of showing detailed information or a data grid on another page. You could then also add a hyperlink on that x-page that links you back to the first page.

And if that could be designed as a nicely shaped button instead of a text, that would even be better :-)

  • Michiel Hageman
  • May 1 2016
  • Released
  • Sep 28, 2017

    Admin response

    Jet 2017 R3 - released Aug 3, 2017

    Jet Web Portal users can now define links directly to their Jet Enterprise Dashboards (and even individual visuals within Dashboards). Links can be placed within other documents – allowing Portal users to access dashboard information from multiple locations.

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