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Library of Snippets and Favorites for DWH and OLAP reporting

Ship a Library of Snippets and Favorites (Tables/Fields) for DWH and OLAP Reporting from Jet Professional


A Library of snippets would be useful for our customers/partners for recurring tasks,

ie : DWH and OLAP data source selection, NAV/AX/GP Snippets for company selection,

favorites tables/fields for the DWH (unselect all the tech field like timestamp etc...) and OLAP Dimensions, Measures


Those snippets and favorites can be seen just like the business function library of Jet Enterprise,

an extensible Library of common design partterns maintained in external XML files but shipped with Jet Professional.

Create a folder for each data source Type : NAX / AX / GP



Snippets = Boost productivity, provide recurring design patterns usable out of the box

Favorites = Boost productivity, help the users to identify on which field or hierarchy level to apply a filter,

the most common struggle when using the Jf(x) is which hierarchy level to select when applying a filter on the posting date.

  • Tarek Demiati
  • Sep 12 2016
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