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Make Excel start faster when Jet Addin loads

When Excel is starting the Jet Addin is loaded. If the default Data source is trying to find a database it cant see (For example if you are at home and the database is at work), then it (I think) it waits for the timeout before loading excel. TO the user this appears as though Jet is making Excel very slow.

Can we change the process so the add in does nothing initially, and once excel has finished starting it will then establish the data source connection etc (in the background)


  • Tim Turner
  • Apr 15 2016
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  • Kim Duey commented
    1 Oct, 2018 10:34pm

    Steve's response is still accurate. However, we have taken some steps to improve the startup time and will continue to do so, including the latest release today of the new XLL addin of Jet 2019.

    We will probably 'close' this topic soon. Does anyone have any further comments regarding this?

  • Deleted User commented
    19 Apr, 2016 11:39pm

    Hi Tim,

    So we actually don’t open any data sources when Excel is opening.  From a cursory look, here are the potentially time consuming things we are doing when Excel opens:

    •  Verifying Jet license status (loading license token from disk, getting a new token if the existing one has expired).
    • Testing the connection to the configuration service if one is being used.
    • Loading the list of data sources (either from the hard drive or from the configuration service).
    • Writing office data connections for any cube data sources that exist.


    I’d guess that if the license token has expired and we have to retrieve a new token from the service, that is what will take the longest off this list.  If you were using a configuration service and had a lot of data sources that needed to be retrieved from it, that’s probably the second longest.

     Trying to move any of this logic somewhere other than Excel startup is risky.  We do all these things in the order we do them up front because the rest of the Jet code is depending on these pieces being in place.  I’m not saying it would be impossible to delay some of them; it would just be high risk for a relatively small return in startup time.