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Set Security on Jet Web Portal Folders

been able to set permissions (share with AD user or group) to folders the same way as it is now for reports

  • Bartek Doruch
  • Aug 17 2017
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  • Johannes Herlitzius commented
    29 Sep, 2017 05:29am

    I would prefer that not only administrators can share folders. Everyone who has accress should be able to create a folder on his own and share the folder and thus its content. If you want to, you can create a checkbox at the "Pemissions"-Site where you may choose, if only administrators can share folders, or everyone - like the same way this is already done with creating, editing and deleting folders. Or just adding the possibility to share folders to the available checkbox, besides creating, editing and deleting would be fine for me as well.

    It would probably be more adequate to change the owner of a folder (like with reports) than to mark someone as an administrator of a folder (like @Michael Martin commented). If the new owner is an administrator he may administer (create, edit, delete and share) the folder as needed, if not, it depends on the settings that I described above. If the new owner can not administer the folder, he may only add/remove the reports he has access to to/from this folder.

  • Michael Martin commented
    28 Sep, 2017 10:18pm

    Personally I am thinking along similar lines to Active Directory.  When a folder is shared, any new report placed into that folder would display to those shared users automatically. 


    As far as who should be able to share folders, it seems like it would be anybody who is set up as an Administrator in the Jet Administration Console.  Additionally it would be nice to add a check box when sharing a folder to a user to mark that user as an administrator of that folder and can share that particular folder and maintain files within that folder.


    Just my .02 cents

  • Kim Duey commented
    28 Sep, 2017 09:45pm

    We definitely see the value in implementing shared folders, but we want to make sure we do it correctly.  Who do you think should be able to share folders?  And what do you think should  happen when a folder is shared? Anyone is welcome to share their thoughts.  Several models we, of course, refer to are Active Directory or OneDrive.

  • Michael Martin commented
    25 Sep, 2017 07:18pm

    All of our Jet Web Portal customers have asked us about this. 

  • Guest commented
    17 Aug, 2017 08:25pm

    Yes, please... that would be awesome... 

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