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Web Portal: Change location of buttons to the top


I can't remember of any software that has important buttons located at the bottom of the screen. Let's think about Navision, the Jet Data Manager the office suite and so on. There often is some kind of status bar and maybe some buttons to change or get informations related to the status.

For me and my colleagues it would be easier understandable and easier to use, if the buttons and functions would be placed at the top of the screen, beneath the bar that includes "Reports", "Scheduler" and "Dashboards".


  • Johannes Herlitzius
  • Aug 18 2017
  • Released
  • May 6, 2019

    Admin response

    Jet 2019 R2 (20.0.19116.1) - released April 30 2019

    Action buttons now appear near the top rather than the bottom of the window. Additional interface updates have also been made to Jet Hub. This is just the first phase of many usability and design improvements scheduled to come.

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