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After upgrading to the new 18 version, the JetReports Dialog Boxes are very small.

As it is now is it nearly impossibly to se the dialog boxes.

I always use connecting to my work computer using VPN, and I very difficulty to see.

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  • Jun 29 2018
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  • Aug 15, 2018

    Admin response

    Since this is not a feature but an issue with the product we will close this request and it can be addressed with our Support Team.

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  • Kim Duey commented
    12 Jul, 2018 03:20pm

    Also, just to clarify, these are all of the dialog boxes (eg Jfx, Report Options)? Would you be able to include a screen shot of an affected dialog box? What device (eg laptop, tablet) are you using?

  • Kim Duey commented
    2 Jul, 2018 08:30pm

    I suggest you contact our Support team by submitting a support ticket at They should be able to help determine the issue.