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Tighten Jet Web Portal Security: don't allow reports to download without running

Disable ability to download a report that has been shared with you without running it first. The problem is a permissions issue: say that I am the report designer and have access to all companies in my data warehouse. I share a report with you, who only have access to company B. If I run the report and upload it, and you download it without running the report again, you will see the info for company A even though your SQL permissions are configured so that you shouldn't be able to see company A. This has been a big stumbling block for at least 2 Enterprise clients.

  • Gabriele Hayden
  • Sep 19 2018
  • Under Consideration
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  • Rob Fontaine commented
    2 Oct, 2018 04:37pm

    We have the same issue, with multiple companies and user security restricted per Company Code.  As a workaround we ended up using a dummy dimension value for the Company Code which returns a completely blank report, and then upload that version to the Portal.  Forcing users to refresh first would be much better!