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JFX- Make Replicators work with Tabular Model

Replicators (e.g. NL(rows)) don't work the same on Tabular databases as they do on other databases.

As a Jet Reports designer I want to be able to use replicators against Tabular databases in a similar manner as I would use them when reporting against a NAV or MOLAP database.

For example - this function should return a list of customer names.

=NL("rows","Sales","[Sell-to Customer].[Sell-to Customer]")

Right now it doesn't return anything at all. The only way to make it work is to include a measure as well in the NL(Rows) function and then use an NF function to pull out the Sell-to Customer.

Something along the lines of this DAX query might work-

DISTINCT('Sell-to Customer'[Sell-to Customer])

  • Steve Little
  • Apr 18 2023
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