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Jet Budgets - Export to Excel the Full Budget - all work items with all filtering

Using Jet Reports GL Function to export the full Budget to excel with all separate Dimension filters in the various Work Items can take way too long to run (using SQL direct Data Source to NAV). i.e. if you have 4 different Dimensions used of which two have more than 50 or 100 values using NL Rows for each of the Dimension the run can take hours. Budgets can have over 40 work items so manually exporting each work item to excel and then use copy/paste into another sheet to get a summary is also not an option.

Jet Budget should provide an export to excel for the full Budget incl. all details of the various work items (G/L, Filters, Split by Dimension)

  • Andrea Kuhn
  • Feb 7 2019
  • Under Consideration
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