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Enable Item Attribute fields to be extracted quickly without linking multiple tables

The concept is similar to how Jet is handling Dimension Code & Dimension Set Entry currently. With this feature, it definitely makes the job for designer more easier and it will brings more sales to Jet Reports

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  • Aug 6 2019
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  • Michiel Hageman commented
    August 17, 2019 12:52

    That's a coincidence, I did an exact feature request like yours, last week!

    Very good suggestion, upvoted!

    My original question was as follows:


    I have a challenging task for one of my customers: how to create a simple Item list with all available Item Attributes values listed as well.

    In Jet Reports, I will manage with a NL(Columns) for the available Item Attributes (T7500). With a mapping to the item no. and attribute value ID from the Item Attribute Value Mapping table (T7505) I can retrieve the corresponding value per Item No.


    However, life would become much easier if you could provide the attributes in the Item table itself, just like you do with the dimensions! Sorting and grouping will then also become available, which seems impossible in the setup I described. And it will also be useful for Jet Basics customers.

    Any change of having this in a future version of Jet reports?