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Jet Hub: Search by user to display reports / dashboards the user has been shared with or owns

In Jet Hub:  If you upload reports as 'Admin' and share them with other users you often have to find out which Reports / Dashboards have been shared with a specific user. Currently you have to check every report the 'share' details or have to ask the information from the user. As Administrator you often have to create new users which have the 'same' privileges as another user and for sharing reports it then becomes a cumbersome work going through every reports shared information to find out which report the new user requires access to. Also, when user leave some of the reports the user 'owned' may need to have the owner changed. It therefore would be useful to be able to search for a specific user and then receive details of which reports / dashboards this users has access to through sharing and which he/she owns. In the list you should be able to use stop share option and the change owner function.

  • Andrea Kuhn
  • Aug 21 2019
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  • Andy Tompkins commented
    8 Jan, 2020 02:48pm

    Maybe have a column in the list of reports page for Owner?