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Ultra SK on fine potatoes with the addition of a small amount of Get White Face. Scaly skin softens Get White Face potatoes boiled. It is necessary to boil a small potato in the peel, clean it and crush it. When the potatoes get slightly warm, they should be applied for Get White Face minutes on the face and then washed - everything is very simple. You can add Get White Face tbsp to this potato.Milk and Get White Face teaspoons.Get White Face - this Get White Face will be more nourishing and will make the skin tighter.The mashed potatoes can be mixed with raw egg yolk: Get White Face tablespoons. Puree and yellow Egg: This Get White Face nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Some women can not wash with soap - their skin is so sensitive, and even storing foams and gels can cause irritation. In these cases, the potato paste, added to the water for washing, can help. The potato starch (teaspoon) should be mixed in clean cold water (spoon) until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. This mixture should be poured ΒΌ cup of boiling.

  • Leon Skipper Skipper
  • Nov 25 2019
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