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Allowing other web applications/portals to run reports on Jet hub in addition to Jet Hub user interface

It will be good if we can run jet hub reports from other web applications/portals. For an example we have a portal for our projects and we like to run some project financial jet report from project portal directly. For this we need to send report parameters from the project portal to jet hub and trigger the report run action. Then it can be setup to email or download.

Or else it will be good to have a way we can setup the jet hub scheduler through some way (API, Upload, or other way) other than jet hub user interface. Jet hub scheduler can have preset parameters and email capabilities.

I think that database of the Jet Hub stores all historical reports ran by the scheduler or by users through jet hub. Also it will be good if we can download this stored report directly from jet bub database to the said project portal

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  • May 8 2020
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