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Add the option in Jet Reports Scheduler to send the body of the email in HTML.

When using the Scheduler in Jet Reports the email body is received as text. When forwarding the message, Outlook forwards the body of the email as plain text. This is very inconvenient because when our CEO receives the reports, he forwards them to many different people within the company. He likes to have his signature (HTML) in the email. This means that for every report he receives he must select forward, then he must Pop Out the email (this is the only way to see the Format Text tab in outlook), then he has to select The Format Text tab and lastly he must change the format to HTML. He's not happy about having to do all of that just to insert his signature. So I end up sending the reports to myself and I change the body to HTML and then I forward the report to the CEO. We have a large amount of reports that I use the Scheduler for. It would be much appreciated if you could add HTML to the body in Scheduler because I feel it is only half helpful as it is now. Thanks!

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  • May 18 2020
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