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Connect to Read-Only Business Central (Public Cloud Web Services)


in Jet 20.7 function has been added to connect to read-only NAV database. Can you please add this function for Read-Only Business Central (Public Cloud Web Services)?

Microsoft recently added Read-only for all SaaS version free of charge

Also, resource in SaaS version in more limited than on premise and customers cannot add more resource to SaaS version. Hence, anything that reduce the impact on main database will help the performance of environment.

If Jet Reports can utilize Read-Only Business Central (Public Cloud Web Services) it will help all customers that using SaaS version to reduce the impact on their main database and utilize read only database.


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  • Aug 3 2020
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  • Mehwish Yati commented
    10 Feb, 2021 05:38am

    Also, I would say, think about what you have to report on. Data in your CRM only? Any data that you need to combine with outside of it? Do you have a monitoring list and agreement on the steps that you are going to develop?

    Starting with a strategy, picking up the data you just need, and then making up what you need from there is simpler. It's a fun way for non-tech people to make it feel less like sorcery. We've got a mix in our company. A few reports that we use Common Data or business coaching service queries for are based only on Dynamics data. Our high-level financial reports, however, rely on a data warehouse that draws on a dozen plus data sources. Clear use of staging tables in SQL to combine them all together