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Use Count or Distinct Count in Table Builder

It would be nice to use a Count or Distinct Count in the Table Builder instead of using manual created reports (NL,NF,NP, or GL functions that do not create a table). Some of our reports can easily be built using the Table Builder, and can use a Dimension table which takes no time at all to run. However, if we ever have to do any kind of Count or Distinct Count within our reports, then we need to use manual, non-Table Builder functions which can become a time drain waiting for the reports to run. I understand that the reports can run in the background, but if we are trying to run a report that needs to do counts against a large row count table (i.e. Customer information that needs to pull document counts from the G/L Entry based on certain parameters), then the wait times can be severe by comparison.

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  • Oct 28 2020
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