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Would you please bring back the "Last Uploaded" column in the "Report List" view of the Jet Hub?

This would be extremely helpful, so I could scan the list of reports to see that the latest versions have been published. As it is now, I need to individually click each report, which can be quite cumbersome and time consuming, especially with a large list of reports, combined with waiting several seconds after each click for the report information to show.

This is also very helpful to users to add this column, because then they know if they have requested an update to a report, and the "last uploaded" date is before that request, they know the report has not yet been updated. I used this feature all the time before upgrading, and it saved me a lot of time, and it also reduced a lot of questions and confusion from users.

I would love it if you could bring this back. Thanks for your consideration!

  • Marian Fine
  • Jul 9 2021
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