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Don't make me dig for error information, provide another button on the error dialog

When a Jet Report encounters a data error, you get a generic error message that is not at all helpful. Then I have to start digging. Per the support topic: Error: The Pivot Table 'PivotTableX' Could Not Be Refreshed...'Reference Is Not Valid.':

  1. I have to unhide interim sheets, if any are hidden

  2. I then have to check all of the sheets for #Value

  3. Then I have to debug from there

Recently I got the above error and when I followed all of those steps, there were no errors. It was only after I deleted the sheet containing the Pivot Table, that there was an invalid field error displayed as I had copied some formula columns in from another similar report and accidentally included an invalid actual column for the current report.

I understand that you want to keep things generic for Jet Report users, so what I am requesting is a third button besides Copy to Clipboard and OK. The third button could be something like Debug or Show Last Error. In the case mentioned above, tell me there is an invalid column or field name, why make me dig it out? If there are hidden interim sheets, unhide them all for me, why make me do it if that is one of the suggested debugging procedures?

Alternatively, all of the above could be incorporated into an enhanced Copy to Clipboard feature that would show invalid fields, but the main point remains, why make a Designer dig out information that is already known by the system?

Jet Reports remain a very powerful tool, but some enhanced debugging tools would be very helpful.

Thank you...

  • Gary Winey
  • Feb 23 2022
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