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Be able to use more than one cube in a dashboard

For each sheet in a dashboard I would like the ability to pick a specific cube to be used.  Filters on that sheet are then applied to that dashboard only.  An example one be an executive overview dashboard (Sales + Finance + Inventory) all on the same dashboard but different sheets.

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  • Apr 22 2016
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  • Brian Petersen commented
    27 Apr, 2016 05:15am

    Better yet, I think it would be great to be able to go a step further and have the data source be tied to the visual itself. Currently the cube selected (ie: Sales) is for the entire dashboard (all sheets), you're suggesting that each sheet could be a different cube, but it would be nice to tie an individual visual to a cube. This way you could have Inventory + Sales + Finance on the same sheet. 

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