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Render Jet Reports on Jet Hub

Ability to display and render any Jet Professional reports as HTML 5 on the Jet Web Portal :

Right now we have got two way to access a Jet Professional Report from the Jet Portal :


Option 1 : Download the refreshed Jet Pro Excel file locally

Option 2 : Open the Excel file in the cloud using Excel Online (part Office 365)


I think the third option below would be useful :


 Option 3 (Feature Request) :


Being able to view the latest successfull refresh of the Jet Professionnal report,

directly in the web browser (No Excel involved).


Technically this will rendering the Excel Jet Professional report as an interactive HTML5 web page to provide cross-platforms compatibility.

 (Some Javascript may be  required for interactive features, ie : slicers, Time period  ? )



 1/ Some of our current install based do not like the fact that since the report is in Excel a viewer can actually modify it.

Even when you show them +Lock they find it not robust enough,

 +lock is also pretty restrictive, as it also lock pretty much everything, ie usage of slicers are also being locked when using +Lock


2/ This will enable you to render the report directly from the Jet Web Portal,

 without downloading it locally (Option 1) or opening it online (Option 2)

This will increase productivity and provide a better User Experience



  • Tarek Demiati
  • Apr 19 2018
  • Under Consideration