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Add Single-Sign-On for Jet Web Portal

People feel very bad about steadily type in their Login data to get to their Reports in the Jet Web Portal. Moreover many users even don't know about what "Domain" means as they are no heavy user.

  • Michael Zettl
  • Jul 5 2017
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  • Kim Duey commented
    July 19, 2017 19:15

    @MichaelZettl, we are planning to change the Jet Web Portal logon experience to auto-detect the domain and populate the domain field. The domain can be overridden by using username@domain or domain\username conventions. Would this satisfy your needs?

  • Michael Zettl commented
    July 19, 2017 19:34

    The domain is only part of the problem The main Point is that we get Feedback from the customers that they don't want to Login several times a day and entering their Passwords. As they want the link to a Dashboard to be started inside of NAV they always have another logon. 

    Unfortunately even the username is sometimes a problem, because some users have NAV-Usernames (not AD-Usernames) and when they open JET Web Portal out of/next to NAV they don't get it that they have to enter the AD-Login whereas they Login to NAV with another username. This sounds strange, but it's a fact. So they call the Hotline that they can't Login to the Jet Web Portal. Think at least about Azure AD-Integration!

  • Kim Duey commented
    March 07, 2019 23:04

    Jet has been working on developing Single-Sign On access using O365/Azure AD. We are looking for some Jet customers who are familiar with Azure Active Directory and Jet installation to run through our installation instructions using a test environment that we provide. This is an activity run by the Jet UX Research team. It will take approx 45-60 minutes. If you are interested, please sign up using the following link: AAD Study Intake (study has ended)

    You may also contact me directly at with any questions.

  • Cristian Golban commented
    March 13, 2019 11:46

    Hi Kim, Will the SSO work with Windows AD as well, or only Azure AD?

    If only Azure AD, how so? 

    Kind regards, Cristian

  • Kim Duey commented
    March 14, 2019 14:34

    Hello Cristian,

    Yes, we are planning on providing SSO with Windows AD using O365 authentication. This will require you to register a client application in Azure AD.

    More details will be coming out soon once the beta starts.